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Covalent Lab Furniture is a C-Frame based system that induces high amount of Flexibility in overall furniture setup because of its user-centric design. Made up of powder-coated CRCA MS and welded joints, it is an extremely stable yet versatile system that conquers the biggest threat in a lab – corrosion, and meets the needs of the fast evolving laboratory environment

covalent bond is a form of chemical bonding that is characterized by the sharing of pairs of electrons between atoms, and other covalent bonds. In short, the stable balance of attractive and repulsive forces between atoms when they share electrons is known as covalent bonding. Word “Covalent” starts with “Co” means together. Here furniture and space together make it highly usable. Godrej and the client are together involved in the setup. Water is the biggest example of covalent bond which takes shape of the vessel. In the same way the furniture would get accommodated in the space. The furniture is so flexible. Hence its flexibility would create a strong bond with the space and allied systems


odular Storage Cabinets

Ease of maintenance

Put-On Type Adjustable Reagent Shelves

Differential Workbench Heights

Hygiene and safety


Model Height
Workbench Sitting Height 750 mm
Workbench Standing Height 900 mm


Model Height
Workbench Wall Table Depth 620 mm
Workbench Wall Table Depth 770 mm
Workbench Wall Table Depth 920 mm
Workbench Island Table Depth 1240 mm
Workbench Island Table Depth 1540 mm
Workbench Island Table Depth 1840 mm


  • Under bench storage options: Mobile, Suspended, Sliding
  • Overhead storage: Wall-mounted, Upright-mounted
  • Storage handle options : D-Type Handle, Recess-type Handle
  • Reagent shelf options: Adjustable-type on Vertical Upright, Fixed-Type
  • Work table top material options: Epoxy, Granite, Vitrified Tiles, Phenolic-Resin (Trespa), Stainless steel
  • Reagent shelf materials options: Glass, Granite, Phenolic-Resin (trespa), Metal, Epoxy
  • Leg-Spaces: Plain-type, with Keyboard-Tray, with Slim-Drawer