As Indian enterprises prepare to take on the world, it marks a shift in the aspirations of their employees as well. Taking cues from global competitors, they too long for the best in resources.

Today, it means workspaces that provide comfort zones that enhance their productivity. Such zones may take shape as clutter-free, feel@home, private or collaborative. While designing such offices is easy, developing equally flexible office cultures is the challenge. Indian enterprises also have to deal with additional concerns like catering to four different generations of employees through solutions that have delivered in the past. So, what they truly need are ADAPTIVE workspaces.

But, What are Adaptive Workspaces?
Adaptive Workspaces are those that can :

  • Adapt to focussed as well as collaborative work styles
  • Adapt to real-time as well as virtual team interactions
  • Adapt to a fixed as well as a mobile workforce
  • Adapt to physical as well as cloud-enabled storage
  • Adapt to vertical as well as horizontal organisational structures
  • Adapt to formal as well as personalised styles that provide a home-office feel. Presenting : Dfine : For Adaptive Workspaces

  • Harmony : Crack the next big idea with your team, or engage in brainstorming sessions. There’s space for it all. Even for cosy private ambiences, if you are inclined towards quiet contemplation.

    Connect : Either a real-time team huddle with colleagues or a virtual brainstorming session with peers across the world. Do it all with solutions that handle everything with effortless ease.

    Freedom : Seamlessly suited for working at the desk or on the go, offering full freedom to work the way an employee wants. These multi-faceted solutions of DFINE are fine-tuned for work in every situation.

    Store : Documents, files, or anything that matters, there’s storage space for it all. Because, solutions that revolve around an employee, should put everything they need, within handy reach

    Flexible : Fits every demand from the business leaders of the day, whether they prefer the corner office or choose to be among their team. Dfine conveniently caters to every executive need, no matter what the hierarchical structure

    Personalize: With added homely touches that incorporate contemporary styles, DFINE perfectly gives a personal touch to every space, without compromising he formal nature of a workspace