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Unique is a laboratory furniture system which is based on a knocked-down design and is formed using Main and Add-On units. This construction avoids any gaps in between two adjacent units. Its exclusive design allows the material to be transported to the site as flat packs contributing to reduction in carbon footprint. It is a simple and frills-free yet functional lab furniture system and is a versatile design for diverse laboratories.


  • Interlocking Construction
  • Elevated Look
  • Aesthetic Design
  • Remarkable Finish



Model Height
Workbench Sitting Height 820 mm
Workbench Standing Height 875 mm


Model Height
Workbench Wall Table Depth 610 mm
Workbench Wall Table Depth 760 mm
Workbench Wall Table Depth 910 mm
Workbench Island Table Depth 1220 mm
Workbench Island Table Depth 1520 mm
Workbench Island Table Depth 1820 mm



  • Under bench storage options : Drawer + Shutters, Only Drawers, No Drawers
  • Overhead storage : Wall-mounted storages with glass and metal shutters
  • Storage handle options : D-Type Handles, Recess-type Handles
  • Work table top material options : Epoxy, Granite, Vitrified Tiles, Compact Laminate (Trespa), Stainless steel 304
  • Leg-Spaces : Plain-type, with Keyboard-Tray, with Slim-Drawer